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Unleash your creativity and let your imagination bloom

Petals Club is China Petals' exclusive bi-monthly subscription that delivers a uniquely designed mosaic project straight to your doorstep. Every 2 months (March, May, July, September, November, January), you'll receive a carefully curated box filled with an array of colourful tiles, adhesive, grout, along with full instructions, empowering you to create a stunning mosaic masterpiece.  Also there will be a couple of little 'extras' included in the box to help you start to to build your mosaic tile collection.


Whether you've made mosaic before or a curious beginner, Petals Club caters to all skill levels. Follow the provided instructions to replicate the theme of that particular box, or let your creativity bloom by creating your own unique masterpiece.


Exclusive Perks of Petals Club Membership:

  • With each subscription box, you'll receive a fresh project with a new and exciting design, ensuring you never run out of creative inspiration.

  • Growing Tile Collection: Enhance your mosaic repertoire with an additional bag of tiles included with each kit. Build up your personal collection and experiment with a variety of colours and textures.

  • Every Petals Club subscription box will contain a little surprise mosaic related or themed.

  • Live Mosaic Making Sessions: Join our live sessions on Zoom or via the China Petals Makers Facebook Group to connect with fellow mosaic enthusiasts, share ideas, and create our masterpieces together.

  • Wheeled Nipper Offer: Sign up for a 6 box subscription and receive a free pair of mosaic nippers worth £15! A valuable tool to have in any mosaic makers tool box.

  • Postage and packing is included with all subscription types!

How Can I Be Part of the Petals Club?

It's easy, you have several options.

  • Bi-monthly Membership: Enjoy delivery of a Petals Club subscription box £45 every two months, including shipping. Cancel anytime, no commitment.

  • 3 box commitment: Commit to receiving 3 Petal Club projects and receive a subscription discount of £3 per box. Payment taken bi-monthly from sign up

  • 6 box Commitment: Embrace your mosaic journey and receive a project box discount of £5 per box, along with a free pair of wheeled nippers! Payment taken bi-monthly from sign up.

Payment needs to be received by midnight on 8th of each month and kits will be posted 10th of each month (or working day after).

What support is there?

Loads! Every 3rd Saturday of the month after a Petals Club box has been despatched there will be a walk through of the box  on Zoom where you can watch and ask questions.  There is also a private Facebook Group - China Petals Makers where you can ask questions, watch videos and share your creations. Not a member of the China Petals Makers group - click here to request to join and enhance your creative journey.

Have a question?

Click here to read our Subscription Box FAQs

Petals Club Subscription Box

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