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Mosaic Kits

Looking for a fun and rewarding creative outlet? China Petals' mosaic kits are perfect for beginners! Our kits include everything you need to create stunning mosaics, from colourful tiles and easy-to-follow instructions to glue, grout, and even gloves. All you need is a spare yogurt pot or margarine tub to mix the grout, and you're ready to go!

Most of our mosaics are designed for indoor display, but for a touch of outdoor artistry, check out the Daisy Chain and Bo Zhong Rainbow kits. And don't forget to join our vibrant China Petals Makers Facebook Group for helpful tips, inspiration, and a chance to showcase your finished masterpiece!

Mosaic making is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that's perfect for: ~ Stress relief and mindfulness ~ Bonding with family and friends ~ Boosting creativity and self-expression ~ Adding a personal touch to your home décor


Mosaic Tiles

Wanting to take your mosaic artistry that step further?  Why not take a look at our range of mosaic tiles?  Great for expressing your own individuality to your mosaic artwork.  You could even add a couple of bags of tiles to your kit order and adapt the design and express your creativity!

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