How it all started

Hi, I'm Diane the owner and creative behind China Petals. I've been making mosaic from china for a number of years and love the idea of turning something old and unwanted into something beautiful and treasured again.
It all started one Christmas when my husband went into the attic to bring down the decorations. While he was up there he found a box of broken, chipped and unwanted bits of china, mainly Royal Albert. 'Do something with it or throw it away' he said. It was no good to use but I couldn't bear to throw it away because it was so pretty. I racked my brains, Googled the internet and mosaic was my answer.

The first thing I created was a large jewellery box decorated with mosaic flowers made from the Royal Albert china I had hidden away. I gave this to my mum for Christmas that year and made a few hanging hearts to give away as gifts. People loved what I was doing so I did more and more and honed my skills to what they are today. 

I now work from my own studio at Banks Mill in Derby and have taught many people how to make mosaic through my workshops, kits and demonstrations.

Jewellery box by Diane Daley.JPG
My Style

I like to work with fine china as it enables me to nip the pieces small to create a delicate style of mosaic which I love.  I nip and shape each piece by hand letting the china speak to me and tell me what it should be in it's next life.  Many hours of work go into creating china mosaic or to give it it's proper name piqueassiette.  Through designing, nipping, shaping, smoothing off any sharp edges, grouting, polishing and finishing, each stage is helping to create a mosaic which is beautiful and unique. 

China Petals - Diane at work.jpg

I am lucky enough to have a dedicated studio where I have lots of china waiting to be recycled as well as other more traditional mosaic materials.  As my ethos is to save china from going to landfill I generally like to use damaged pieces or that which have been discarded or are unwanted.  I do not hold an unlimited supply of one particular pattern or colours and I have to think creatively to make the most of what I have.  This means that my work is unique, individual and are definitely 'Mosaics to Treasure'.