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75g of beautiful Opal Orange Opaque 18mm Penny Rounds in a pearlised finish.

Sintered glass round tiles made from 100% recycled materials. These glass pennys have a diameter of 18mm and a 4mm thickness, making them ideal for combining with both 15mm and 20mm tiles. Wheeled nippers cut them beautifully, with little or no waste.


75g = approx. 37 pieces


*18mm diameter
*4mm thickness
*High-gloss finish
*Full-body opaque colour
*Cut easily with wheeled nippers
*Exceptionally strong sintered glass
*Suitable for use indoors and outside
*97% recycled glass, 3% mineral oxides for colour

Opal Orange Pearlised (104p) - Penny Rounds 18mm - 75g

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