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Surviving the Heat Wave

Tropical weather this week but never to hot to mosaic in the shade. It's been a very busy time with craft fairs and workshops over the last couple of months, and more on the horizon. I am becoming very efficient at loading and unloading my car - who needs a gym? I enjoy holding workshops. It's great to see people having fun producing their own mosaic 'masterpieces' - every creation is so lovely and different, I'm fascinated with the designs people come up with.

My mother has done well for me this week trawling through the antique centres in Louth, Lincs, and finding some lovely bone china pieces which have seen better days. Bringing her finds

across to me is always a good excuse for a get together and family gossip. I love looking through the treasures she brings me as I start to think of what I could make.

I know it's only July but Christmas is already on my radar with 5 orders received this week for my pretty little hanging Angels. Always very popular these beautiful Angels are made from gold and iridescent white china. I have slightly changed the design this year and added glitter to the back.

Angel Christmas decoration
China Petals Angel

Still very busy here at China Petals getting ready for another workshop this weekend, I wonder what delights await.

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